The House of Reptiles
07 Mar 20
If you are interested in keeping reptiles or amphibians as pets, you probably have some questions. And it's a good idea to get those questions answered before you make a purchase. Here is some basic information on types of reptiles kept as pets, and care tips.SnakesSnakes are lovely creatures, and many times it's tempting to buy on impulse.

If you find that you need to build a large reptile cage for your pet green iguana, the first step will be checking out your house to figure out where the best spot will be.

24 Mar 20

Stuffed animals are toys that are stuffed with straw, cotton, beans and other similar material. These stuffed animals are a perfect gift for a child or an animal lover for any occasion.

20 Apr 20

Spring is just on the horizon and many of you are reading gardening magazines and dreaming of building a garden that will make the neighbors believe you know what you are doing.

28 May 20

Recent News
23 Jun 20
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Becoming The Master Of A Virtual Pet
An animal kept as a pet distinguishes itself from other animals confined within certain human boundaries. Livestock serves a specific purpose, as do laboratory animals, sport animals and working animals such as plow horses.
06 Jul 20
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Choosing The Perfect Pet Snake
Are you thinking about keeping a pet snake in your home? While pet snakes can be a great addition to your home, there are several things that you need to keep in mind in order to guarantee the best possible experience for both you and your slithery friend.
22 Jul 20
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Saving Your Pet's Life When Disaster Strikes
Help could not come soon enough for the residents of New Orleans and the surrounding Gulf areas. But for devoted animal owners rescue came at a price -leave your pet behind. Having a plan in place before disaster strikes can save both you and your pet's lives. Here's what to do now.
03 Aug 20
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Starting Out as Snake Owner
Not all snakes are the same. Some grow to be enormous and eat live rabbits; others stay small and dine on crickets. Here are some tips for choosing and caring for a pet snake.
10 Aug 20
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The Spitting Cobras
The spitting cobra is one of the most peculiar species of snake as it not only has a deadly bite but it also sprays venom into the eyes of prey and aggressors alike.
Popular Blogs
12 Jun 20
When people think of pets, most of the time "furry" and "cuddly" are adjectives that come to mind. For the owners of pet snakes, however, these words don't really fit. Still, snakes make interesting pets, and can even be lovable - in their own way. Choosing to own a pet snake should not be a snap decision. Snakes can grow large, eat a lot, and require very specific conditions for staying healthy.
01 Sep 20
When it comes to pets, any animal that requires live feed is quite obviously more complex than your usual dog-food-in-bowl routine. Thankfully, taking care of this creature is so rewarding, many consider them worth the effort.Hailing from the arid regions of Central Asia, Leopard Geckos are insectivores. While us humans benefit from fruit and veggies in our diet, these creatures do not.
15 Oct 20
For pet owners, the idea of losing their beloved friend is mortifying. Having a pet tracking device can ease the minds of those with pets, as well as make it easier to retrieve a pet that has gone missing.There is a lot that can happen to pets, but one of the most common reasons why people lose them is simply that the pet wandered off.
Newest Blogs
14 Jul 20
Every bird specie has other species that are harmful for it. The natural predators are an inevitable problem and you will have to deal with it. Of course this doesn't mean to kill the predators but to place secure bird houses and take measures for keeping predators out.The most common predators are other birds, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, cats, yellow jackets, wasps, ants and other insects.
13 Oct 20
Pet owners agree that caring for their pets is often a joyous and enriching experience. Being able to care for an animal and experience the type of love that only pets can give creates a strong bond between owner and pet, so when a pet is sick or injured the owner may do whatever they can to take care of their pet.
02 Nov 20
Breeders specialize in their chosen breed. They know the breed standard, temperament, and characteristics. They strive to breed only animals that epitomize these qualities. This benefits the buyer by allowing the buyer a type of quality control. You will know better what you are getting - fewer surprises, fewer disappointments. 1.
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