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September 27, 2020
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The Essentials of Iguana Care

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It is a common misconception that iguanas, being naturally hardy animals, do not require much care and attention when you own one as a pet. But the iguana, when kept in captivity, require very specialised care that has to be followed strictly.

With the advent of the internet there is so much information available regarding iguana care that ignorance cannot be excused or even understood.

Pet shop owners are notoriously bad at giving information on caring for exotic pets such as iguanas. The vast majority of them do not and never have cared for an iguana in their own home and provide only basic care within the store.

Most iguana owners often get confused on which book to follow and which website to look at or which person to take advice from. So to have the right information about taking good care of your iguana make sure that your guidelines are approved and also check out some credible websites about the myths and misconception about taking good care of your iguana lizard pet.

It is very important that you allow your iguana the time to adjust to its new surroundings. This is no different from any other pet but your iguana should ideally be confined to its enclosure for at least one week. Do not just leave your pet there though. Talk to it, interact with it but allow it to be in its own seperate space for a while before you let it venture out into your home.

Your home is obviously a very strange environment for your new iguana so taking your iguana out of its cage to be handled will be very stressful for it at first. Let your iguana become used to your voice and smell before being handled.

Next is to find a good veterinarian for your iguana. While waiting for your iguana to get accustomed to his new environment you should find a good veterinarian for your iguanas regular checkup.

The food you provide your iguana is, as you might expect, vital to its overall health. Some pet stores sell bagged food made for exotic pets but it is recommended that you provide good quality fresh food instead.

There is some confusion about whether iguanas should be fed insects. Iguanas are herbivores and although they will eat small insects such as crickets if they are hungry enough they will be much happier eating green vegetables.

As with any pet, your iguana will require regular food and water. Do not worry about over feeding your pet. If it is not hungry it will leave it. Iguana are quite good at monitoring their food intake. Water should be changed regularly, preferably several times a day as iguanas have a habit of urinating into it.

An adult iguana can grow to between five and six feet long so the size of the iguana enclosure is vital. Iguanas like to spread and move around so provide height as well as width along with items inside such as logs that allow your iguana to climb.

Cleanliness is another important factor in an Iguanas habitat and with your Iguana overall health as well. Try to clean them on very regular basis to avoid parasites that can cause sickness and odor in your iguanas cage .

One thing that you should have in mind before owning an iguana lizard is the amount of funds that you are willing to give and how much care. Owning an iguana is not an easy task both physically and financially, so be ready to shed not just some sweat but also some cash to go with it.


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