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September 1, 2020
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Top 10 Unique Pets

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If you are looking for a pet that is creepy and crawly and will be certain freak out at least a few of your friends, you might want to check out one of these unique pets.

Unique Pet #1: Rats

Many people have phobias about rats or associate them with dirt and disease, but rats can actually be great pets. They are very sociable creatures that can be really enjoyable to watch and to interact with.

Unique Pet #2: Tarantulas

While the thought of keeping a spider as a pet may churn some people's stomachs, tarantulas are very low maintenance pets. You rarely have to clean their cages and they do not need a great deal of food. In addition, most tarantulas are not poisonous or aggressive. Keep in mind, however, that it is possible to be allergic to a tarantula's sting. In this case, you may have a more severe reaction if you are stung by one of these hairy pets.

Unique Pet #3: Frogs

When you search for a pet frog, you will find that they are available in a much wider array of colors and sizes than what you typically find in your backyard. In addition, some frogs have very interesting calls to match their beautiful exterior. While some frogs are relatively low maintenance, some do require a great deal of upkeep.

Unique Pet #4: Hissing Cockroaches

A cockroach? For a pet? Hissing cockroaches are nothing like the cockroaches you see scurrying across your counter. These cockroaches are quite large and interesting looking. In addition, they are very calm and slow, which makes them easy to handle. Another interesting feature is that they emit a hissing noise when disturbed, hence the name "hissing cockroaches."

Unique Pet #5: Scorpions

There are many different types of scorpions available as pets, but the one that make the best pet is the emperor scorpion. These black scorpions reach up to around 6 inches in length and have very large and intimidating claws and a stinger. Still, they are very calm pets that can live a very long life.

Unique Pet #6: Giant Millipedes

Despite the name, giant millipedes don't really have 1,000 legs - but they do have up to 400 legs and measure up to 10 inches long when fully grown. Despite their freaky looks, giant millipedes are easy to care for and make great pets.

Unique Pets #7: Lizards

There are a wide variety of lizards available on the pet market, each with its own unique needs. Lizards are very fascinating creatures and most are very calm and can be handled with ease. Keep in mind, however, that lizards do require a great deal of specialized care in order to recreate their native environments. This means they can be time consuming to care for and it can be a bit expensive to get a terrarium set up for your new pet lizard.

Unique Pets #8: Stick Insects

Stick insects protect themselves by camouflaging themselves to blend in with their environment. They measure only about four inches in length and are very fascinating creatures to have as pets. In addition, they are quite easy to care for.

Unique Pets #9: Snakes

Many people are afraid of snakes, despite the fact that most are actually more afraid of humans than humans are afraid of them. The reality is that snakes can be quite tame and can make great pets, though it is best to start with a milk snake or a king snake when learning how to be a pet snake owner.

Unique Pets #10: Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are fun to watch as they move from one shell to the next. You can also throw in other items, such as miniature football helmets, and they will carry those around as their shells as well. Hermit crabs are relatively easy to care for and inexpensive to purchase.


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