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September 1, 2020
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Everything You Need To Know About Leopard Gecko Feed

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When it comes to pets, any animal that requires live feed is quite obviously more complex than your usual dog-food-in-bowl routine. Thankfully, taking care of this creature is so rewarding, many consider them worth the effort.

Hailing from the arid regions of Central Asia, Leopard Geckos are insectivores. While us humans benefit from fruit and veggies in our diet, these creatures do not. There is a huge range of insects these critters consume, but they can be narrowed down to the most common two-- mealworms and crickets

Crickets make great live feed. They move around during feeding time and stimulate your leopard gecko. This makes them feel they are in the hunting environment. Crickets are also readily available and are highly nutritious. They are also much easier to digest than mealworms since their outer covering is softer.

There are some issues that lizard keepers have with these critters. For one, crickets make quite a bit of noise. Live crickets will also need housing and food. Remember to only put the right amount into the vivarium. Only 3-4 crickets for each gecko. When uneaten, crickets are known to gnaw at the geckos-- not fun.

Mealworms are much easier to feed your gecko with. Place them in a pan and put them into your vivarium. Make sure the pan is stable and does not tip over, as mealworms like hiding in the substrate. They aren't as stimulating as your crickets though. The way to fix this is to put some cricket feed into their pan. They squirm around in response to the dust and in effect, make for a very stimulating meal.

Many leopard gecko handlers use mealworms as an occasional treat rather than a part of their everyday meals. Other gecko enthusiasts beg to differ and are advocates of mealworms as a staple food.

As with all great endeavors, it is all a matter of trial and error. Let's hope you find the right mix to help your gecko become strong, healthy and fruitful!


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