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April 7, 2020
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Exotic Pet Habitat

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Along with the increasing availability of exotic pets online is people in need of a manner to display exotic pets. Anybody can through a reptile in an empty fish tank but is that really worthy of your exotic pet and how you want to present it to the world? Let's face it, you probably purchased an exotic pet online or elsewhere, because at least a part of you wants to be different than everybody else. So why should your pet's display be the same old thing everybody else already has?

Granted, you can buy a second hand aquarium and throw your iguana or your python in there without any real concerns for their health or safety. Still, there is just something missing when it comes to the way that most people select to display their exotic pets. An aquarium, as convenient as it may be, may not be the way to go.

Hinges cost very little and some people already have a few laying around in their garage or in a spare parts drawer somewhere in their house. Screen mesh is cheaply purchased at any hardware store and mix that with a piece of plywood and a couple of straight one by two inch pieces of wood and you have all of the makings for a custom display for your exotic animals.

Making the entire housing structure for your pet out of plywood is never a good idea for a display. This will actually defeat the entire purpose as people will not actually be able to see your newly acquired exotic pets. Make at least one side of the structure and the top out of the small lumber and wire mesh. In this way, people will be able to see the exotic pet inside.

If you want to make your exotic pet cage even nicer, you can always stain the outside and round the edges so that you have a more pleasant visual appearance on the outside of the exotic pet cage. Do not stain or varnish the inside as the varnish may crack and you may very well kill your exotic animals.

For further visual effects, you can add paintings or posters on the back portion of the exotic animal's cage. Pictures of the desert go very well for iguanas and while it may or may not actually make the iguana feel any better, it will be much more appealing to the human eye. For pythons or boa constrictors, try using a forested river scene or something else with a lot of green. Again, the actual reaction your pets have may not be noticeable but it will certainly give your friends and visitors something to talk about when they come to your house.

The size you build it may have to depend on many factors like how much work you are willing to put into it, how much money you have for parts and how fancy you want to make what you have. However, your biggest concern should be that your new exotic animal display is placed somewhere that people can see it and where it will not have to be moved a lot.

With the ever increasing popularity of finding exotic pets online, make sure that you still have something that is as unique as you are. If you own an exotic pet, you probably want to be different and maybe even a little bit better and that does not mean tossing an iguana in a second-hand aquarium.


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