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April 17, 2020
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How to Use Heat Lamps For Iguanas

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Iguanas are exotic pets that are usually found in tropical climates. If you decide to get one, then you will have to do a lot of research in order to find out how to take care of it properly. Among the things it needs is a good source of heat and light in its habitat. Be sure to provide this so that your pet can live in comfort.

Why do they need a heat source?

The natural environment for Iguanas is a sunny region and their bodies have adapted to this. They are also cold blooded reptiles who have trouble regulating their own internal temperature. Therefore they need an external heat source to help them achieve a balance. Their circulatory system may function well enough even without such a source but their digestive system will be quite messed up if they cannot get this. They will not have the capacity to absorb the nutrient from their food so they will eventually succumb to malnutrition even if they seem to eat right. This, in turn, can lead to other health issues down the road.

Why do they need light?

When out in the wild, iguanas are known to spend a lot of hours under the sun. Most of their days are spent enjoying the sunshine and the heat as we have already discussed how much they need this. There is another reason and that is their UVA/UVB requirement. Humans need sunlight to stimulate the body to produce Vitamin D. The same is true with iguanas. This is also a vital nutrient for them and they should get enough of it to stay healthy. Sunlight allows them to process calcium properly as well so that their bones can stay strong. A deficiency would lead to bone loss, a tendency to get injured, and other problems.

How to Give Them Adequate Heat and Light

Our efforts will depend on our location. California is generally sunny so it will not take much to care for iguanas in the state. However, Alaska is frigid and iguanas may not survive here unless they are provided with a lot of care. For sunny regions, the best thing to do is to expose the pet to direct sunlight. The terrarium may be something like a wire cage so that sun can get in directly. Place this near a window for optimum effect. Do not use a glass or clear plastic terrarium as the material will only block the light components that they need, rendering the whole thing useless.

People in colder parts of the country should ensure that buy artificial light which would serve as both a light source and a heat source of these creatures. Heat lamps will protect them from freezing to death. Get a model that is powerful enough to keep them warm yet not too much as to burn or dehydrate them over time. Part of the terrarium must be open so that they can come out when they want to bask in the light. Other parts should be shaded so that they can go under when they already had enough.


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