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23 Jun 20
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Becoming The Master Of A Virtual Pet
An animal kept as a pet distinguishes itself from other animals confined within certain human boundaries. Livestock serves a specific purpose, as do laboratory animals, sport animals and working animals such as plow horses.
06 Jul 20
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Choosing The Perfect Pet Snake
Are you thinking about keeping a pet snake in your home? While pet snakes can be a great addition to your home, there are several things that you need to keep in mind in order to guarantee the best possible experience for both you and your slithery friend. Think About Size Before purchasing a pet snake, you need to consider the size of your reptilian friend.
22 Jul 20
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Saving Your Pet's Life When Disaster Strikes
Help could not come soon enough for the residents of New Orleans and the surrounding Gulf areas. But for devoted animal owners rescue came at a price -leave your pet behind. Having a plan in place before disaster strikes can save both you and your pet's lives. Here's what to do now. General Helpful Hints1 If you live in an apartment, consider putting an "animals inside" sign on your door.
03 Aug 20
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Starting Out as Snake Owner
Not all snakes are the same. Some grow to be enormous and eat live rabbits; others stay small and dine on crickets. Here are some tips for choosing and caring for a pet snake.SourceIt's generally recommended that you obtain your snake from domesticated stock, as wild snakes may be illegal to keep and hard to tame.BreedFor beginners, a docile snake that doesn't get too large is best.
10 Aug 20
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The Spitting Cobras
The spitting cobra is one of the most peculiar species of snake as it not only has a deadly bite but it also sprays venom into the eyes of prey and aggressors alike. Contact with the eyes can be very painful and even blinding, therefore, if you accidentally get cobra snake venom in your eyes, wash them out immediately so as to prevent permanent damage to the tissue.
01 Sep 20
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Top 10 Unique Pets
If you are looking for a pet that is creepy and crawly and will be certain freak out at least a few of your friends, you might want to check out one of these unique pets. Unique Pet #1: Rats Many people have phobias about rats or associate them with dirt and disease, but rats can actually be great pets. They are very sociable creatures that can be really enjoyable to watch and to interact with.
17 Sep 20
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Choosing The Right Veterinarian
Veterinarians strive not only to offer a sound service but also to provide an optimal veterinary care. In this way, the owner of the pet is allowed to spare the enjoyment of their companion for a maximum number of years. These veterinarians provide treatment for injured and all ill wildlife animals.
27 Sep 20
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The Essentials of Iguana Care
It is a common misconception that iguanas, being naturally hardy animals, do not require much care and attention when you own one as a pet. But the iguana, when kept in captivity, require very specialised care that has to be followed strictly.With the advent of the internet there is so much information available regarding iguana care that ignorance cannot be excused or even understood.
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